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CRM Solution

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Secvritas  offers a complete range of CRM solutions (Customer Relationship Management)  adapted to every trade and covering all the functional requirements to manage customer relationship, sales leads and current customers, sales force automation (SFA), enterprise marketing automation (EMA), real-time analysis and statistics as well as customer service.

A CRM solution lets you optimize the management of customer relationship, from sales leads to loyalty programs. A CRM solution aims at taking in account the personal wishes of each customer and providing them with a tailored, dynamic, targeted experience.

We offer our customers a variety of cyber security services including

  • Sales Force Automation

  • Workflow Automation

  • Process Management

  • Omnichannel

  • Analytics

  • Sales Enablement

  • Performance Management

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Marketing Automation

  • Mobile App

  • Security

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